The Power of a CODE

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It’s been a while and some minutes, I’m back now. So straight to business. Today we won’t be discussing gadgets or physical equipment. Today we’ll be talking hackers and how they steal from unsuspecting victims.

I know the post title has you wondering if I meant…

But nope!

So we are having this beautiful conversation on a WhatsApp group today, and someone drops a bombshell

Amazingly, this same hacker attacked about 3 members of the group in the last two weeks.

How do these hacks work?

Setup 1

  1. The hacker contacts you on WhatsApp (most likely with a contact on your list that he’s already hacked)
  2. They offer you ridiculously cheap data
  3. Once you decide to trade with them, they start the process

Here I’ll take a huge leap and say they create an account with your number, and when it’s time to confirm, WhatsApp sends you the VERIFICATION CODE

The minute you send that code…

Setup 2

  1. You are approached with an “EMPOWERMENT” offer, they promise to double your money in 45 minutes
  2. If you agree, they call you and ask for details of your bank in lieu of registering you for the scheme
  3. You disclose your bank details

And once again, I’ll just be speculating here, they download the mobile app for your bank, enter your details and use the forgot password option. Your bank sends you a code, they ask for it, the moment you send it to them, you’ll begin receiving alerts – in the negative

In order to make sure no one uses your WhatsApp account you can deactivate your account by sending an email to WhatsApp support at with the phrase “Lost/Stolen: Please deactivate my account” in the body.

Upon successful deactivation you have 30 days to reactivate your account before it gets deleted completely.

For your legit data offers, contact Axis, if he hacks you, come find me

Axis data


Touch the Time

Have you ever tried walking around in the dark, feeling for something to light up your path?

Then you’ll understand how the blind mans world is. It’s black and devoid of colours. They can’t see the beautiful font on the Galaxy wear or on the iWatch, but… This is where the DOT comes in

The dot connect to any smart phone using Bluetooth. Running on magnetism, the watch delivers messages, notifications, reminders, and even caller recognition using Braille. Not forgetting to act as a regular timepiece too.

The lightweight wearable also uses a very little amount of power; allowing you to use your watch for up to 10 days before you need to charge.

The DOT not only works for masters of Braille, but also serves as a teacher for new Braille users.

See the world without eyes. Get a DOT.




Hey Sensate I want some water.

Hey guys. It’s me again

Today we’ll be going to my favourite part of the house – THE KITCHEN 🕺🏽🕺🏽

KÖHLER just introduced their latest addition to the house of the future – a faucet that runs on voice commands; they’re calling it “Sensate” 😌

It looks like your everyday faucet – and apart from the sensors and voice control system – you could call it that

The Sensate is touchless, and can be asked to pour specific amounts of water – if that’s not amazing, I don’t know what is

Upgrade to the Sensate today, and catch the sensation

Images are not my property.




See you next week

Old Bike. New Shift System.

Hey people, it’s Tuesday and I’ve got a crush.

I didn’t learn to sit on a bicycle till a few years ago – I really don’t know why or what I was doing when my mates were learning how to ride – and I haven’t still totally grasped riding enough to pedal into the sunset with my Juliet sitting close to me.

One thing that troubles me (not counting balancing the bike) is changing gears, why did they have to make that knob so hard and tiny? Let’s not even talk about the many cables everywhere 😫😫😫

Why didn’t they just make it a button.

Oh Wait! Someone did already.🕺🏽

Say hello to Archer Components D1x Trail Electronic Shifter

The geniuses at Archer Components must have gone through this gear shifting struggle – before you start feeling like the struggle is unique to me 😌 – and decided to change things up a bit.

The D1x is a wireless gear shifter that attaches to your drivetrain and is controlled by two buttons on your handle bars.

I can almost hear y’all asking the inevitable question why do I need this? I could always just jump on my bike and do like as I do

So I’ll give you 10 reasons why you should look at the D1x

  1. Electronic shifting is quicker, easier, and more flexible than mechanical shifting.
  2. The precision of the D1x reduces the wear on your drivetrain helping your components stay newer longer.
  3. The Micro-adjust remote lets you tune individual gears instead of a mechanical barrel adjust or the AXS trim feature which moves the entire setup (all 12 gears) inboard or out.
  4. Electronic shifting reduces fatigue on long rides especially if you have previous wrist injuries or arthritis. 
  5. Our approach puts the sensitive electronics in a safe spot instead of hanging off the back of your vulnerable derailleur like AXS and Di2
  6. Internal cable routing is a pain.
  7. Swapping drivetrain components is simple with the D1x. If your derailleur gets mashed you can replace it with almost any 11 or 12-speed mech and quickly re-index using the app.
  8. If you’re running a 1×11 setup today, with the D1x you can change your cassette to a 12 speed, adjust your b-limit, and tell your D1x that you have 12 speeds now. Simple.
  9. Cable stretch is a real thing. Not to geek out, but stretch is a function of length. Longer cables are more prone to longer stretch. With the D1x you can run a 20cm cable to minimize stretch.
  10. You’ll ride better/faster/longer because electronics

Did I mention that it has a mobile app that helps you run everything?

So why not just let cycling be a fun thing, with no stress.




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Headphones that help you learn faster

Hey guys, it’s Tuesday and I have a crush on the Halo Sport Headphones

Stream For Your Mind by SOORE here

The brain learns to perform tasks using the instructions that have been taught to the motor-cortex, the Halo Sport Headphones use electricity to assist the brain in learning these tasks faster.

The headset works by applying a small electric current to the part of the brain that controls movement, activating neurons so they fire more often when you train. The more neurons fire, together, the faster pathways are built in your brain.

Watch How the Halo Works

With the Halo, activities that require muscle movement can be learned faster – from doing push-ups to sketching your favorite superhero, even to holding down chords on your guitar.

Once upon a time, headphones were considered a distraction to learning, the Halo is here to prove them all wrong.

Would you be getting the Halo?

What’s your take on stimulating the brain with electricity?

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Get madeup without makeup

Who else hates having to wait for his sister, mother or any other woman to finish making up. Especially when you’re running late for an engagement. Can I see a show of hands?

Well now you no longer have to wait that long, no more waiting while they decide which colour of foundation best suits their skin or what colour of powder will make it blend right. Just get them P&G’s OPTÉ

The opté is a handheld “magic wand” that analyses your skin – using an in-built that takes 200 images per second to check for skin blemishes – and “prints” concealer over spots and skin blemishes to give you the perfect skin. This process takes just a few seconds.

Imagine the increase in punctuality when makeup time is cut out. 😑😑

When are you getting your own opté?

What do you think about this product?

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Don’t squeeze that clothe, let me handle it

Hey guys it’s another Tuesday, and let me just put this out there, this is going to be one of posts that I can really totally absolutely *insert more synonymous words here* relate to. Laundry has always been a drag, well it always was until I found Ezwash & Dry Laundromat, go in with your dirty laundry and leave with clean and dry clothes in an hour.

But then there is the problem of ironing and folding

*Drum roll*

I give you FoldiMate

First introduced at the CES 2018 event – with a non-functional prototype – with a follow up on CES 2019, the FoldiMate is built to take the stress that comes with folding and stacking your laundry, it allows you to fold up to 25 items in just 5 minutes – I mean that’s about the same amount of time it takes me to fold a tank top.

The machine has adjustable robot arms that adjust according to the item you are clipping in.

All you have to do is


  • That’s it. Make your laundry folding fun. Get a FoldiMate then invite me to your house, and we’ll be best buds for life

      How much would you pay for the FoldiMate?
      Do you think it’s necessary?

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    The Luggage that Walks… On its own

    (Scene is an airport, a young man is texting on his phone while his luggage trails behind like an obedient child)

    Director: 3, 2, 1, and action

    Me: Hey guys welcome to this week’s blog post

    Now Playing: Stay With Me: Scott Bradley’s Postmodern Jukebox

    Forget the drama and just picture yourself at the airport, trying to reply that message and at the same time drag you luggage with you, exhausting right?

    Well ForwardX, in 2018 presented a solution to this dilemma – a luggage that follows you – and they named it OVIS

    OVIS is just your average carry-on luggage, with 2 cameras, parking sensors, and a motor than can go 10km/h (that’s way faster than some people I know)

    With the aid of a front facing camera, the luggage identifies obstacles and avoids them without faltering in its step, while another camera keeps the luggage beside you at all times.

    I know some people are already thinking what if the luggage gets lost?

    What happens when there are too many people?

    OVIS has its own mobile phone application that keeps vital information of your luggage – weight, battery charge level, GPS location – at your fingertips. The luggage comes with an accompanying bracelet that vibrates to alert you when your luggage has “strayed” over 2M away from you.


    This part is important to everyone, nobody wants to lose the contents or their luggage, but not to worry, OVIS has you covered.

    With a lock feature that can be controlled from your mobile phone, the carbon fibre luggage will stay sealed until you open it

    The autonomous luggage also comes with USB charging points that allow you keep your mobile device powered up while you’re on the go.

    So tell me? Would you buy the OVIS?


    Director: …and cut

    Airless Tyres

    Hey there, welcome to your number one informative blah blah blah…

    I didn’t start this blog to bore anybody please, so let’s get straight to it.

    On this blog we’ll be taking a look at new gadgets – and old gadgets that haven’t really been imbibed into society – and hacks as they come. So stay tuned

    Straight into today’s business


    the Unique Puncture-proof Tire System (
    Image source: New Atlas

    Imagine driving without worrying about picking up nails, without worrying about tyre bursts or even leaking tyres.

    Michelin – that company that has big hero as their logo – in partnership are working on tyres that wouldn’t require air in them. At this point, I know a lot of people are thinking ride flats, this is where you should end that thought, because the Unique Puncture-proof Tyre System (“UPTIS”) isn’t to be compared to ride flats.

    Michelin has set a 2024 target for production roll-out, and I support them because by then I’ll have my own car.

    The production of UPTIS will use less raw material and energy as compared to the production of regular tires; making the airless tire not only a safer driving companion, but also a more eco-friendly product.

    I personally look forward to the launch of the UPTIS, I hope you do too.

    the Unique Puncture-proof Tire System (
    Image source: New Atlas

    Drop your thoughts in the comment section below, I’ll be back, same day next week.